Servicing made easy.

RS Autocentre offer a quality service package for any vehicle, wether it is an older model or brand new!

We generally offer 2 types of service, interim and full.
for both we use O.E Certified parts, complete dealer certified checks, stamp your service book and keep an invoice record under your cars registration (should you ever misplace the receipt)

Will this not Invalitate my warranty?
No! This has been ruled out by EU law since 2010,
you can use any garage you like, even if the vehicle is under 3 years old.
so long as the servicing garrage adhere to the following:
- VAT & UK company registered
- Use O.E approved parts (do not have to be dealer parts!)
- Service on or before the manufacturers recommended dates / mileages
- Service the car according to dealers guidelines.

Why keep your car serviced?
Servicing replaces some of the cars most vital components to keep it in tip top condition for longer.
We also check major safety and critical items, many of which are not included on the MOT test!

Cars with good service history hold value better, can cost a lot less mechanical wise across its lifespan
and can also give you peace of mind.

Servicing Prices.

Each service is a taylor made package to your car and your requirements so prices vary,
as guide price on a regular 1.2 petrol hatchback prices are around...

Interim - £25 + Parts + VAT
Usually includes Oil and Oil Filter change, small fluid top ups and a medium weight inspection of the car.
recommended every 10,000 miles / 1 year.

Full - £50 + Parts + VAT
Usually includes Oil change, air, fuel, pollen and oil filter change, spark plugs and a heavy weight inspection of the car
including removal of the wheels to inspect the brakes thoroughly.